QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0145

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Chapter 145: Xiaobao and Dabao

The next day, Ning Shu left the hospital and returned to the Xiao family home carrying a bag of stuff. The Xiao family home was very large. It consisted of a villa and a garden that had plenty of sculptures along with a fountain. One could tell with a single glance that it belonged to an extremely wealthy family.

No one came to welcome her when she got back and everyone acted as if she didn’t exist. A normal person would’ve been driven away a long time ago by this treatment.

However, Ning Shu simply walked towards the living room calmly. Before she even saw anyone, she heard happy laughter come from the room. There were sounds of adults talking cheerfully and the innocent, bright laughter of children.

Ning Shu glanced around and saw that the spacious living room was decorated luxuriously and all sorts of toys were on the ground. Xiao Yan’s parents were sitting on the sofa and playing with the two children.

Ning Shu scrutinized the two oh-so-precious babies. One was the adult-like Su Dabao. He was extremely adorable with plump white skin, a pair of large, grape-like eyes, and slightly curly hair. He was currently wearing overalls and his shirt had a little red bow sewn onto it. The look of a little kid trying to act serious made people’s hearts melt.

Meanwhile, Su Xiaobao who was wearing an outfit that made her look like a doll also had slightly curly hair like Su Meng. She looked incomparably sweet in a little princess dress. The two children were truly adorable.

If it weren’t for the things Su Dabao did… Ning Shu practically felt the urge to sigh in praise. These children’s looks were unbelievable.

The moment Ning Shu walked in, the happy atmosphere turned heavy as if a cold wind had swept through.

Everyone’s gazes focused on Ning Shu. Su Dabao in particular tilted his head as he looked at Ning Shu. A trace of malicious craftiness flashed through his eyes, causing Ning Shu’s hair to stand on end.

How was this the gaze of a child? Su Dabao was seriously a dangerous existence. He was smart, but he had no morals at all. He simply did things according to what he wanted. One example was when Su Ran got pregnant.

Su Dabao immediately knew that the child in the original host’s belly would threaten his father and mother’s relationship, and he and his sister’s position in the Xiao family, so he pushed her down the stairs.

It was truly malicious; a maliciousness filled with a child’s innocent cruelty.

Ning Shu’s impression of Su Meng became even worse. Since she gave birth to these children, she had the duty to educate these children and help them establish good morals. However, she didn’t bother to and just ran off to cause trouble by dazedly attracting men.

Sometimes, she would even need Su Dabao, a child, to deal with the aftermath. Just the money that Su Dabao earned was enough to allow Su Meng to live a very comfortable life.

He was a very mature child. Su Dabao felt happy to be able to protect his mother and little sister. However, due to his lack of upbringing, his views on the relationship between a mother and child were completely messed up.

Ning Shu walked in as if there was no one around. Madame Xiao stood up and said, “You’re back?”

Ning Shu replied with an ‘en,’ then headed upstairs.

Master Xiao and Madame Xiao’s expressions turned unpleasant when they saw Ning Shu completely ignore them. Master Xiao furrowed his brows, displeased. If it weren’t for the fact that they were in front of children, Madame Xiao would have already started cursing at Ning Shu for occupying the toilet though she wasn’t shitting.

>Aka, occupying the position of Young Madame despite not giving birth to any children.<

Madame Xiao didn’t have a very good opinion of Su Meng either, but she accepted her due to the children. However, Su Ran turned out to also have no tact. If she had tact, she should’ve taken the initiative to get divorced!

Su Dabao’s eyes whirled for a moment, then he gave a big smile and threw himself into Master Xiao’s arms. “Grandpa, don’t be angry. Dabao doesn’t want Grandpa to be angry. Mama said that being angry isn’t good for the health.”

“Uh-huh, Xiaobao doesn’t want Grandpa to get angry either,” said Su Xiaobao sweetly as she put down the doll she was holding.

Master Xiao immediately smiled again and rubbed Su Dabao’s head. “Alright, alright, Grandpa isn’t angry at all. Grandpa doesn’t like getting angry.”

“Humph! You guys only care about your grandpa getting angry. Grandma is angry now too.” Although Madame Xiao said this, there was still a sincere and benevolent smile on her face.

Su Xiaobao immediately used her little hand to rub Madame Su’s face as she said with an earnest expression, “Grandma, don’t be angry. You’ll become old if you get angry. Xiaobao hopes that Grandma will always be this young and pretty.”

Madame Xiao felt as if her heart was melting. These two were definitely the treasures that Heavens bestowed to the Xiao family.

#comment: Dabao = big treasure, Xiaobao = little treasure. And, getting angry and furrowing your brows cause wrinkles. Laughing also causes wrinkles. So if you want to be good-looking as long as possible, your only choice is to go for a cool and indifferent personality!

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