QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0182

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Chapter 182: An Evolved Variant Zombie!

After looking around, Ning Shu found that Wolf and Phoenix weren’t here, so she asked Spider, “Where did Leader go?”

The team leader was Wolf. Since Phoenix wasn’t here as well, Ning Shu made an indecent guess that the two went off somewhere to hump-hump-hump.

“You should just look after yourself. What are you sticking your nose into other people’s business for?” replied Spider snarkily.

The others also ignored Ning Shu.

Ning Shu was considering leaving this team to look for the gene essence on her own. However, this idea was a bit risky. She currently didn’t have any supplies or transportation and would have to walk without any food or water.

If she really did that, by the time she got anywhere, it would already be too late. Moreover, if she suddenly left the team, it would attract Wolf and Phoenix’s attention and they might decide to kill her earlier.

Wolf and Phoenix were both very ruthless people that tended to resort to killing to resolve matters. Hence, for the time being, it was best to stay in the team until they found the gene essence.

In reality, Ning Shu actually liked facing main leads like this. She preferred to face these types of people since at the very least, their brains were screwed on right. In the last world, those people were clearly the ones making trouble without reason, yet they blamed everything on other people.

After breakfast, Ning Shu wanted to talk to these people a little, but no one paid attention to her. Those who needed to wipe their pistols wiped their pistols, those that needed to sharpen their swords sharpened their swords. In short, they made it a point to completely ignore her.

Ning Shu: …

She gave up on trying to talk to these people. She felt like the original host was quite pitiful. Her abilities were trashy to the point that no one even bothered with her.

The original host really had a one-track mind. The only thing she cared about was completing the mission so she had never felt tempted to keep the gene essence for herself.

At this time, the door suddenly opened with a bang. Everyone looked up and saw Wolf and Phoenix scramble in. The two looked terrified.

“Get ready!” Wolf’s expression was serious as he stepped in front of Phoenix to shield her.

“Leader, what happened?” Spider asked Wolf as he lifted his gun and looked around warily.

Ning Shu had pulled out her gun the moment these two came in. She could sense a large oppressive force approaching. Those two had definitely provoked something.

The main character was the pillar of a story. After they provoke something they couldn’t defeat, the poor, pitiful cannon fodders would be the ones to die while the main characters would always end up fine.

Cold sweat covered Ning Shu’s forehead. That oppressive pressure was so strong it was hard to breathe.

Everyone in the room had very grave expressions. Even Phoenix who has always been cool and elegant was currently deathly pale.

Ning Shu took a step back and silently ducked behind the group. Wolf, who was in front, glanced at her with contempt, but she didn’t care. You were the one that provoked this person, yet you were still unabashed enough to view others with contempt?

As everyone gradually became increasingly tense, a figure suddenly appeared at the door. The person’s speed was extremely fast, to the point that hardly anyone was able to react.

Ning Shu took the initiative to shoot but only hit an afterimage.

It was an evolved variant zombie!

Ning Shu immediately turned around and ran. There was no way she was going to be able to beat this thing. The others kept the zombie busy, so Ning Shu was able to escape.

For a few moments, all the hidden weapons, knives, and bullets were concentrated on the zombie. However, the zombie was able to dodge all of them.

Ning Shu’s jaw was about to drop to the ground. The apocalypse had just began, yet such a powerful creature has already shown up?

This thing was practically a mass murder weapon. Very few humans had any fighting chance against it.

Wolf and Phoenix sure knew how to instigate situations ah.

#comment: This is an evolved variant zombie! = Time to reread Dominion’s End for inspiration/reference (Ours are zombies though, not aberrants). Dominion’s End is one of my all time favorite books! I love all the projects translated by Prince Revolution/written by 御我. They’re so well-written and very skillfully translated too, I hugely recommend checking them out if you haven’t already. I’ve loved Half Prince and Legend of the Sun Knight since before I even discovered webnovels. The manga for half prince was so cringy, but so good, and I love love love the sun knight!! I aspire to have skincare as good and skin as thick as his! XD

Crap, now Dominion’s End is dragging me away from translations.

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