QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0146

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Chapter 146: It’s Not Like I’m Abalone

Ning Shu paid no attention their senseless, overly sweet display of affection and headed directly to her bedroom. Then she proceeded to start packing the jewelry on the dressing table and all the more expensive things in the room.

A lot of the things were from the original host’s dowry so they were very valuable. In the original storyline, when the Su family collapsed, Xiao Yan had gifted a lot of the original host’s things to Su Meng and even justified it by claiming that these things should have belonged to Su Meng in the first place.

It was so shameless, way too goddamn shameless.

Ning Shu put the jewelry along with some important stock certificates into her bag, then prepared to head to a bank to open a new safe deposit box. There was no need to mention how the original host definitely wouldn’t support leaving these to that despicable couple because even an outsider like Ning Shu found it disgusting and unacceptable.

There actually existed such a shameless person in this world, it was practically as ineffable as the sighting of an alien space carrier.

Ning Shu went downstairs with the bag and the merry atmosphere Su Dabao and Su Xiaobao had just managed to built was frozen again.

Ning Shu felt like she had become the king of awkward silences.

When she got to the door, she turned around and said to the people in the living room, “I’m coming back for lunch, so remember to leave some for me. I want to eat abalone this afternoon, remember to tell the kitchen save some. You have to make sure they do. I just had a miscarriage so I need the nourishment.”

Ning Shu’s eyes were on Su Dabao the entire time as she spoke. Su Dabao met her gaze with an innocent expression and tilted his head as he asked, “Aunt, what are you looking at me for? It’s not like I’m abalone.”

Ning Shu matched him with a sincere expression as she said, “You shouldn’t call me aunt, you should be calling me mother. In the ancient era, your mom’s position would be that of a concubine, so I would be your actual mother.”

Su Dabao’s expression immediately darkened and he glared at Ning Shu as he secretly made a throat-slitting motion. The details were seriously chilling.

However, Ning Shu’s expression didn’t change at all. In the end, he was still a child and probably couldn’t control his emotions well, so she moved to add more oil to the fire. “In the future, remember to call me mother, got it? As for your mother, you can just call her mistress.”

Su Dabao was able to hold it in, but Su Xiaobao burst into tears with a ‘wah.’ “Mommy isn’t a mistress, she isn’t! You bad woman!”

The Xiao family parents immediately started coaxing their precious baby frantically to try to get her to stop crying.

“Su Ran, what are you saying this to the children for? And what nonsense are you saying?” Madame Xiao shot Ning Shu a glare. “There, there, darling. Don’t cry, you’re making Grandma’s heart ache.”

Ning Shu’s lips twitched. Did any logic still exist? All she said were a couple lines of truth. What was with this? Was there a need to have such a fragile glass heart?

So Su Meng was allowed to do this, but other people weren’t even allowed to point it out?

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