QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0191

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Chapter 191: Three People Left in the Group

Phoenix had good reason to insist on following the school doctor uncle. They were currently in the middle of nowhere and since they were close to the border, there wasn’t anyone around. In addition, they had so many supplies to carry. Could it be that they’d have to resort to carrying these things on their backs and walking?

Moreover, there were only three people left in their group – her, Wolf, and Spider. Phoenix had already subconsciously kicked Ning Shu out of the group.

What would they do if they encountered zombies? Would they be able to outrun zombies while carrying these things? What if they encountered variant zombies? They had no way of dealing with variant zombies at all!

Wolf knew that he was raising a fuss over nothing, but for some reason he just didn’t want to stay with that man. That man gave off a very dangerous feeling, so Wolf was very much against the idea of continuing to travel with him.

However, Phoenix had good points. The other man in the group also sided with Phoenix. Since it was two against one, Wolf had no choice but to give in. He pulled Phoenix’s hand and said, “You should stay away from that man. He seems to have his eye on you, and he definitely doesn’t have good intentions. You shouldn’t be tricked.”

The school doctor uncle who had just been accused of being a pervert seemed completely unconcerned about Wolf’s words. Ning Shu couldn’t help but admire his ability to remain unperturbed.

Actually, Ning Shu could understand why Wolf wasn’t willing to go with the school doctor uncle. The school doctor uncle was seriously too overpowered. His abilities completely overshadowed the male lead’s halo.

What kind of person was the male lead? Ever since he was born, he had this feeling of superiority as if he was better than everyone. With how proud he was, how could he stand being second to someone else?

However, right now Wolf had no choice but to endure his indigance. As he carried things towards the car, he kept glaring at the school doctor uncle.

The school doctor uncle just looked at his nails, paying no attention to Wolf, which caused Wolf’s face to turn purple with rage.

The three only got back onto the car once they finished carrying all the things over. When Spider saw that Ning Shu seemed completely idle and carefree, he complained, “Some people only know to eat without ever bothering to help out.”

How exactly had she offended this guy? Why was he always picking faults with her?

“Didn’t you manage to carry them all anyways? Whether I’m there or not makes no difference.” Ning Shu snapped back without fear because there was the school doctor uncle present.

“You…” Spider abruptly lifted his fist, but then glanced fearfully at the school doctor uncle and stopped. Then he sent another verbal jab at Ning Shu. “Don’t get cocky thinking that you’ve found someone strong to rely on.”

Ning Shu’s expression still remained smug.

“Spider, that’s enough.” Phoenix rebuked Spider, then said to the school doctor uncle, “This friend, where do you plan to go next?”

Ning Shu couldn’t tell if it was her misconception, but Phoenix’s voice seemed much more charming when she spoke to the school doctor uncle.

However, this was nothing unusual. Special agents like them had to make use of all the advantages they had in order to complete missions. Phoenix’s curvy figure and beautiful elegant features were one of her strongest advantages.

Ning Shu looked at her own face in the rear view mirror. Her face was gray and still had a bit of leftover brain mush. Her features were ordinary and her hair was a complete mess.

Four words summed up her appearance – unbearable to look at.

Ning Shu glanced at the cool female lead-sama, then silently tried to sort her hair out a little.

Lord ah, she really did become the female lead’s background contrast. There were only two women in the group. Her existence served perfectly to emphasize Phoenix’s beauty. She suspected this to be the main reason for the original host’s existence.

How sad!

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