QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0129

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Chapter 129: Princess Jiahui’s Enchanting Demonic Smile

Ning Shu hoped that these pitiful women who had came to her for shelter would be able to survive and live on. For that to happen, they had to train hard. Only then would they have more of a chance of surviving on the battlefield.

As predicted, after the snowing stopped, He Lianying lead an army of Tartars to attack the city.

Ning Shu stood on the city walls and met He Lianying’s gaze. Inwardly, she was pretty frustrated. Why was this person still not dead? Could it be that the poison hadn’t been strong enough? Fudge! He had already puked blood last time, yet he was already well enough to jump around again.

He Lianying was wearing fur clothing today. The fur framing his neck made him seem even more wild and powerful. He looked up at Ning Shu and shot her a grin. Then, with a wave of his hand, he had the soldiers start rushing towards the city walls with ladders to siege the city.

The battle drums started beating. Ning Shu shouted coldly, “Release the arrows!”

A rain of arrows immediately shot towards the Tartars and most of the Tartars attacking the city instantly became hedgehogs.


The reserve soldiers immediately switched places with those in front. Out of the corner of her eye, Ning Shu saw that several women had been shot by arrows that came from below. For a moment, her heart trembled, but then she steadied herself again.

“Switch to catapults.”

Catapults were one of the ancient weapons with rather great damage power, especially when they were shot from above.

Some Tartars had just reached the top, only to be hit with blocks of ice and fall back down. They fell from the ladder and crashed into the ground, then they were still.

He Lianying looked towards the things on the wall that were mostly hidden by the heavy snow, then abruptly looked towards Ning Shu with suspicions in his eyes. Ning Shu smiled towards him. That was right, it was exactly what you were thinking. These were the corpses of those Tartars. The Tartars that hung on the wall now only had black empty eye sockets, since their eyes had already been pecked away by birds.

When making a decision, either don’t do it, or go all in, and cut off all roads of retreat.

He Lianying’s facial color immediately turned unsightly and his gaze filled with dangerous and dark murderous intent as he looked towards Ning Shu. At the same time though, his gaze still contained strange fondness. The aura he gave off was even more dangerous than before.

Ning Shu extended her hand and a soldier immediately handed her a crossbow. She aimed an arrow at He Lianying, but he just laughed coldly, then proceeded to also aim an arrow towards her.

Swoosh, Swoosh…”

Two arrows screamed and seemed to emit some sparks as they slid past each other.

Ning Shu’s pupils dilated as she stared at the arrow flying her way. She tilted her head towards the side, but the arrow still made a small cut on her face as it flew past.

“Princess, are you alright?” Duan Xinghui’s heart almost stopped when he saw this scene and he hastily dealt with the Tartar that had gotten onto the wall to rush towards Ning Shu.

Ning Shu gave a dark smile as she wiped away the blood on her face, and she even licked to taste the blood on her finger. Ignoring Duan Xinghui, she turned to look towards He Lianying.

As Duan Xinghui took in Princess Jiahui’s demonic smile, his heart started racing. Princess Jiahui, in this moment, was more enchanting than ever before. Even the blood on her face only served to add a ruthless savageness to her beauty.

#comment: Ning Shu’s going to exit soon, guess how she exits?

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