QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0163

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Chapter 163: Was There Nothing In This World But Love!?

Every time these people opened their mouths, it was about love. She expressed, fuck love! Could it be that there was nothing in this world but love? That there was no duty, no responsibility?

Ning Shu suppressed her anger. Ever since she came to this world, she had been enduring these idiots. This ma’am won’t bother bickering with you, this ma’am will just kill you guys off later.

It was seriously exasperating. Ning Shu slapped Su Lan a couple more times, then kicked him aside and walked to Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan was much taller than Ning Shu, so much so that Ning Shu could be described as delicate in comparison. However, Ning Shu’s expression was extremely cold and her eyes contained icy murderous intent.

Xiao Yan couldn’t help but be intimidated and subconsciously retreated a few steps. However, he realized that he couldn’t show fear in front of this malicious woman and lifted his chest with a cold laugh. “You’re this vicious even towards your own younger brother? The Xiao family definitely cannot tolerate having a malicious woman like you in the family.”

Ning Shu looked at Xiao Yan for a brief moment, then kicked him down. Although the system had rated her combat skills as trashy, it was still effective when the opponent was off guard.

“You…” Su Meng pointed at Ning Shu as she gaped in shock. Ning Shu rapidly sent Su Meng a slap, then slapped her again with the back of her hand.

Su Meng’s face instantly swelled up and she glowered at Ning Shu. Xiao Yan was furious when he saw that this malicious woman had actually hit Su Meng. He was about to get up when Ning Shu kicked him viciously on the chest right where his heart was.

Xiao Yan’s face turned deathly white and he gasped sharply.


“Waaah, Grandma, I’m scared…”

The two children cried loudly. It was clear that they really had been frightened this time. Even Su Dabao was looking at Ning Shu with fear.

Ning Shu said coldly, “Shut up.”

Ning Shu’s voice carried strong killing intent so the two children immediately shut their mouths. However, they kept hiccuping. Su Dabao glared at Ning Shu darkly with an expression filled with resentment.

“This is outrageous! What do you think you’re doing!?” Madame Xiao shrieked as she pointed at Ning Shu.

Even the members of the Su family were stunned by Ning Shu’s fearless actions.

Master Xiao looked at Ning Shu with a dignified and cold expression. “You’re completely out of control! You practically have no respect for the Xiao family at all!”

The two parents’ faces were ashen. When they saw how frightened the two children were, they felt heartache for them and directed their anger towards Ning Shu.

Ning Shu dusted off her hands, unconcerned, then stomped down on Xiao Yan’s chest again. Xiao Yan’s face turned even more pale and he gave a muffled groan of pain.

She was clearly a woman, so how was she this strong? Her leg felt like a thousand catties were crushing his chest. His heart felt about to be crushed. What was even more unbearable was the fact that her actions were completely destroying his dignity. He was Xiao Yan!

This woman, this woman… how dare she!?

Xiao Yan truly wanted to kill her.

Ning Shu retrieved her leg and looked around at the people present. Everyone that sensed her gaze felt their skin prickle with apprehension. “I’ll destroy whoever that dares to bring up divorce again.”

“You…” Xiao Yan climbed up from the ground and glared at her murderously. His expression was exactly the same as that of Su Dabao’s.

Su Meng covered her face and looked at Ning Shu like she was a criminal. “You’re beyond saving.”

This time, Xiao Yan didn’t bring up divorce anymore and just left with Su Meng and the two children. He looked like he had resolved to never come back.

Ning Shu gave a cold laugh as she watched the four leave. They should give up any hope of ever coming back to this villa in this lifetime.

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