QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0187

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Chapter 187: All Eighteen SS Special Skills

The group’s car was out of gas and after that encounter with the variant zombie, they were all exhausted. Thus they had placed their hopes on the school doctor uncle, but he ended up rejecting them without hesitation.

Zombies were growling all around them and their car was ruined. Could it be that they’d have to run on foot? Everyone felt that today was an especially bleak day.

Ning Shu saw that the zombie closest to her was reaching out to grab her and killed it with a shot. Then she turned towards the school doctor uncle with her gray, brains-covered face and persuaded earnestly, “Uncle, we had better run first.”

The school doctor uncle kept his gaze straight ahead and refused to look at Ning Shu’s face. “Keep away from me.”

Ning Shu: Cries.

Wolf sent a look towards his team and started slowly moving towards the school doctor uncle’s car. Everyone else pretended to fight the zombies seriously in order to cover Wolf’s action.

Ning Shu saw Wolf yank at the car door and became worried. There was no way Wolf would take her and the uncle along when he left. These people were all ruthless. They could kill without blinking an eye for the sake of completing the nation’s tasks.

“Uncle, Uncle.” Ning Shu reached out to tug on the school doctor uncle’s clothes, but the school doctor uncle quickly dodged.

His mysophobia really was annoying. Ning Shu hastily said, “Uncle ah, they’re about to drive your car away.”

Could it be that she’d have to face the fate of being torn apart like in the original storyline?

The school doctor uncle suddenly reached out to grab Ning Shu’s collar and pulled her in front of him. Before Ning Shu could react, the head of a nearby zombie exploded. The brain matter went flying and freaking splattered onto Ning Shu’s face again.

Ning Shu: Dammit, that bastard!

Ning Shu turned around angrily only to see that the uncle was already walking away. She immediately shelved her anger to catch up with him.

Wolf was still struggling with the car door and even tried to open the hood of the car, but the car didn’t budge. Phoenix and the rest got so anxious they were practically emitting smoke. They abandoned the pretense of fighting with the zombies and ran over to help.

They used all eighteen special skills of the secret service department, but still couldn’t crack this turtle-shell of a car.

The school doctor uncle took out the car key and the car made an unlocking sound. Wolf was originally planning to take advantage of this to rush in since it would be easy to start the car once they were inside, but he had to freeze when he felt something cool near his head.

Wolf had no desire to try the sensation of being shot by this gun. He lifted his hands in surrender with a contorted expression on his handsome face.

“This is a misunderstanding.” Wolf squeezed these words out.

The school doctor uncle gave a cold humph and got into the car. Ning Shu toughened her skin and sat down in the shotgun seat.

As she looked around at the securely closed car, she suddenly felt very safe.

When Wolf and the others saw that this man didn’t plan to take them with him, they started panicking and slapped the window as their mouths opened and closed rapidly in speech. However, not a sound from them could be heard.

This soundproofing was really good ah.

The zombies around approached again. Wolf was frustrated. This was seriously endless!

Phoenix slapped the window next to the school doctor uncle with an anxious pleading expression.

The school doctor uncle narrowed his eyes as he looked at her. He lowered the window and Phoenix immediately grabbed his shirt and shouted, “Please take us with you. I’m begging you!”

Phoenix looked at the school doctor uncle with a pitiful beseeching expression, but the school doctor uncle only glanced coldly at his seized shirt, then silently pressed the window button. The window started rising up again. Phoenix was worried ath her hand would be caught and had no choice but to let go of the school doctor uncle’s clothes. She stared at the school doctor uncle, dumbstruck, as the window once again rose up to seperate them.

Wasn’t this just completely messing around with her? If you weren’t willing to agree, why did you freakin’ open the car window!?

Ning Shu was the only one that understood why. It was the school doctor uncle’s mysophobia flaring up. After comparing, Ning Shu found that the school doctor uncle was actually quite lenient with her. All he did was use her face as a shield against brain matter.

Brain matter wasn’t scary at all.

Ning Shu looked at the school doctor uncle. His side profile looked very cool and indifferent and there was not a speck of dust on his black windbreaker. His legs looked even more slender and long as he sat in the chair seat and he emitted a strong ascetic aura.

That was why it was the easiest for people who were scientists and the like to become twisted perverts. The school doctor uncle occupied both positions.

But she didn’t understand why he wasn’t driving off. Ning Shu watched quietly as Wolf’s group fended off the zombies while desperately slapping on the car windows.

This feeling was… extremely refreshing.

“Who are the people outside?” The school doctor uncle turned around to ask Ning Shu this question, but immediately turned away again. He reached out with his slender fingers to grab tissues and threw them at Ning Shu.

Ning Shu used the tissues to wipe the brains off her face. Who was the one that made her this way? Yet he still had the face to get disgusted by her?

“We’re agents of the nation’s secret service department,” replied Ning Shu honestly.

The school doctor uncle lifted his brows as he looked at her. “You? A special agent? Pfff.

Ning Shu: …

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