QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0199

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Chapter 199: That Happy to Eat My Leftovers?

After awakening his special ability, Wolf seemed completely refreshed and gave off an arrogant swagger as if he had obtained the entire world.

Ning Shu could barely stop herself from spitting cynical comments. Wolf even looked as if he wanted to kick her and the uncle out and run off with the car.

Even though he was afraid of the uncle’s gun, he still maintained an egoistic attitude and started giving her and the uncle less and less food. Ning Shu felt more and more contempt for him.

She was starting to worry for the uncle as well, since they were pretty much ants hanging off the same string.

As the group continued onwards, they encountered a lot of zombies. Wolf would go on a massacre every single time, so he soon became a lot more skilled at using his lightning ability.

During one zombie attack, Phoenix awakened her special ability which turned out to be an ice type. Not long after that, Spider also awakened his earth type ability.

Out of the five, Ning Shu and the school doctor uncle were the only ones that hadn’t awakened their special abilities, so they ended up actually seeming like abnormalities.

Ning Shu didn’t know why she couldn’t awaken her special abilities either. However, her strength was still increasing and her body was becoming increasingly lithe. It was clearly the work of the Unsurpassable Martial Arts.

If she didn’t have a special ability, then oh well.

Ning Shu consoled the school doctor uncle by saying, “It’s fine, don’t worry. Uncle, you’ll eventually awaken your special ability.”

The school doctor uncle rolled his eyes at Ning Shu, then scoffed, “You had better worry about yourself. Don’t end up getting killed by these people.”

Ning Shu hiccuped. In truth, the school doctor uncle could easily take out all of them thanks to his weapons. If only she had a whip, that way her damage power would be a bit stronger.

“Uncle, why don’t we just run away? Let’s not stay with these people.” Ning Shu drew closer to the school doctor uncle’s ear to quietly suggest this.

Ning Shu’s hot breath touched the school doctor uncle’s ear and the uncle shifted away a little. “I hate it most when you get so close. Can’t you talk properly?”

Ning Shu’s expression crumbled. “Uncle, we’re currently discussing an important matter. Can’t you set these little things aside?”

The school doctor went ‘oh,’ then said, “But the three of them all managed to awaken their special abilities.”

“That’s why we should be running,” said Ning Shu anxiously. “We won’t be able to beat them ah.”

“No way.” The uncle rejected the idea.

Ning Shu asked with wide eyes, “Why da heck not?”

“Those three are extremely good source material,” said the uncle.

Ning Shu: Pfff

What did the uncle mean by this? Could it be that he wanted to dissect those three? Ning Shu really wanted to shake the uncle and beg him to give up on this absurd idea.

“Here, your dinners.” Phoenix threw a box of biscuits and a bottle of water on the ground in front of the school doctor uncle and Ning Shu.

The water bottle and the biscuit case became covered with dirt. It was fortunate the casing didn’t break, otherwise there’d be no way to eat them.

The corners of Ning Shu’s mouth twitched. Back then, Phoenix still expressed interest in the school doctor uncle, but after she and Wolf awakened their powers, her attitude took a 180 degrees turn.

The female lead-sama probably felt that only the strong was a good match for her. In addition, since she was also someone strong, there really was no benefit in staying with the uncle since he didn’t have any special abilities.

Phoenix left right after throwing these things down, leaving the two with a haughty and cold back figure.

The uncle adjusted his glasses and watched Phoenix leave with raised eyebrows. Ning Shu picked up the biscuits and bottled water. As she patted off the dirt, she said to the uncle, “Stop looking already. The person isn’t interested in you anymore.”

The apocalypse was just that harsh.

The school doctor uncle didn’t say anything and just propped up his chin as he looked at Ning Shu. His expression was very indolent as he asked, “I don’t understand what you’re saying?”

Ning Shu went ‘tch’ in response. Act innocent all you like, there was no way she would believe that the school doctor uncle didn’t notice Phoenix’s interest in him.

Ning Shu ripped open the biscuit packet and also twisted open the water bottle before passing them to the uncle. “Uncle, you eat first, but leave some for me.”

The uncle accepted the bottle and drank a mouthful, then ate a bit of the biscuits. Afterwards, he handed the water to Ning Shu. Ning Shu didn’t hesitate in drinking what was left of the water as she ate the biscuits.

When the school doctor uncle saw that Ning Shu was eating with relish, he sneered. “You’re that happy to eat my leftovers?”

Pfff… cough cough.” Ning Shu pounded on her chest. The fuck?

Who the fuck liked eating other people’s leftovers? It was just that this uncle’s damned mysophobia was too much of a pain. If she ate first, the uncle wouldn’t touch the things at all. However, this was all that Phoenix would give them for food.

She wasn’t that picky and was alright with anything as long as she could fill her stomach, so why the heck did she end up being looked down on by the uncle again?

The school doctor uncle reached out to pat Ning Shu’s back. Then he seemed to feel that Ning Shu’s back was a little dirty, as he wiped his hand on Ning Shu’s clothes before moving it away.

Ning Shu: …

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