QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0193

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Chapter 193: Come Here, Let Me Feel

When Ning Shu heard that the school doctor uncle actually wanted her to break a steel bar, she thought she was hearing things.

“Why do you want me to break it?” asked Ning Shu.

The school doctor uncle looked towards Ning Shu and his glasses turned white from refracted light, causing him to look extremely dangerous. Ning Shu immediately picked up the steel bar on the ground without another word.

“Use all your strength to do it,” said the school doctor uncle.

Ning Shu nodded and revolved her inner strength as she exerted her strength on the steel bar. She didn’t manage to break it, but it bent. She asked, “Is this alright?”

The school doctor uncle nodded, then reached out to touch Ning Shu’s arm. Ning Shu immediately threw down the steel bar and ran far away before turning to look at him warily. “Uncle, what are you doing?”

Hell, it was terrifying to be touched by him.

“I’m just testing your strength. I saw earlier that you seem unusually strong.” The school doctor uncle beckoned Ning Shu. “Come over here, let me feel.”

Ning Shu: Pfff….

“Come here, let me feel your muscle,” repeated the school doctor uncle. Ning Shu felt uncomfortable from head to toe.

The reason why she was unusually strong was because she had practiced the Unsurpassable Martial Arts. Speaking of which, everytime she recalled the name of this inner strength manual, she would feel really embarrassed.

Ning Shu jogged to the school doctor uncle. As she watched him examine her expressionlessly, she felt a chill. Why did she feel like she was about to be dissected by the school doctor uncle?

After the school doctor uncle had his fill of touching her muscle, he nodded. “Although you don’t have very large muscles, they’re very compact. This is the ideal state.” The school doctor’s gold-rimmed glasses were practically shining as he spoke, which scared Ning Shu so much she felt about to wet her pants.

It couldn’t be that Uncle wanted to dissect her? No way right? No way?

“Here are your dinners.” Phoenix walked over and interrupted Ning Shu and the school doctor uncle’s moment of ‘passionate gazing.’

Phoenix was holding two boxes of compressed biscuits and two bottles of water which she handed to the school doctor uncle.

The school doctor uncle then handed Ning Shu a box of biscuits. Ning Shu hastily took it. She was starving!

When Phoenix saw this, her eyes flickered with something and she said to Ning Shu, “Daisy, step out for a second. I want to talk to you.”

Ning Shu was a bit confused. Why would Phoenix want to talk to her? However, she still followed Phoenix out. This house was very crude; it was made from mud, so its inhabitants were already long gone. It was just a temporary resting place for the group.

When they got outside, Phoenix stopped walking. Ning Shu stood about two meters away from Phoenix. This was the safest distance to maintain.

“Why were you looking for me?” asked Ning Shu.

Phoenix extended her delicate hand towards Ning Shu. When she saw Ning Shu’s completely baffled expression, she said coldly, “Daisy, hand over the gene essence so that we can complete the mission.”

“Gene essence? I don’t have any gene essence,” replied Ning Shu.

Phoenix’s expression turned colder. “Stop acting! I’m talking about the gene essence the variant zombie snatched. You were the one that took it in the end.”

Ning Shu acted like she had suddenly realized what Phoenix meant and said, “Oh, that gene essence. I already lost it. If you hadn’t brought it up, I wouldn’t even have remembered it.” Following that, Ning Shu put on a remorseful expression. “Big Sister Phoenix, I’m so sorry. It’s all my fault.”

Phoenix was annoyed when Ning Shu called her ‘big sister.’ When she saw how foolish Ning Shu looked, she said coldly, “Daisy, we’ve all been sent by the same secret service department. Do you want everyone to fail this mission and be punished by Senior Commander?”

Inwardly, Ning Shu rolled her eyes. You guys have already betrayed the country, so why would you still care about being punished? The only one this would work on would be the silly and naive original host.

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