QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0181

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Chapter 181: Daisy’s Wishes

There were five special agents other than Daisy in this team. The other five were all special agents of the nation that had extensive experience.

Daisy was the only one that had no experience and she ended up becoming a burden for the entire team. That was why all the other team members disliked Daisy.

In reality, Daisy had no idea that the special agents in this team had already betrayed the country in order to follow Wolf and Phoenix. When they found the gene essence, they used it on themselves. All five successfully awakened their special abilities and established their own base.

At that time, more and more people were becoming infected and the nation fell apart completely. Multiple independent bases sprung up to fight off the zombies.

Right after the team got the gene essence, they killed Daisy and threw her into a crowd of zombies. Daisy was instantly torn apart and didn’t even have the chance to become a zombie.

Fine, this little girl couldn’t even count as a supporting female lead. All she could count as was a little cannon fodder. A completely insignificant cannon fodder.

In that case, Wolf and Phoenix were probably the male and female leads. Most special agents had very ordinary looks, but Wolf and Phoenix had such willful personalities. The male lead was handsome and tall while the female lead was cool and aloof.

The original host’s wishes: 1. Survive in this apocalypse world. 2. Hand the gene essence over to the nation instead of allowing Phoenix and Wolf to obtain it.

Ning Shu looked at these two tasks and felt that, compared to the previous tasks, it was easier… As if it was easy ah! Difficult wasn’t good enough of an adjective to describe how hard it was to snatch something from the main leads.

Ning Shu could understand why the original host wanted to hand the gene essence to the nation though. Actually, the original host didn’t care about her nation that much. She just wanted to help the senior commander of their special forces department. This senior commander was the one who had raised her and taught her everything she knew. She was working hard to complete this mission in order to repay the senior commander for all that he had done for her.

Alright, this little girl was actually quite naive and endearingly silly. She hadn’t even realized what happened to the group.

Why were all the tasks such trolls?

Furthermore, the original storyline didn’t talk about what happened to the person responsible for turning the world into this. The group had discovered the gene essence in a simple room.

Fuck! It felt like the real supernatural entity was actually the school doctor uncle ah.

This was seriously a pitiful story.

Ning Shu wanted to cry. Mommy, this world’s too dangerous! Not only were there zombies, her teammates wanted to kill her too!

“Hey, time to get up. You can’t sleep the whole day.”

Ning Shu was kicked by someone. When she opened her eyes, she saw that it was already morning. Ning Shu looked at this man. This man’s code name was Spider. He was an expert at handling all types of firearms. Currently, Spider seemed very annoyed. “You’re a special agent, yet you don’t even have the most basic sense of vigilance and slept all the way until now. A useless person like you should just get eaten by the zombies.”

Ning Shu didn’t reply and just followed Spider to the group with the usual confused look on her face. They were eating compressed biscuits today as well. Ning Shu couldn’t be bothered to care and ate everything without leaving a single crumb because she was seriously starving.

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