QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0103

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Chapter 103: Goodbye, Harmonious Mother and Daughter-in-law Relationship

When Madame Duan saw that her son had been injured again, she felt heartache and anger. The anger was directed towards Ning Shu and Er Ya.

Of course, there was no way Madame Duan dared to show her anger to Princess Jiahui due to Princess Jiahui’s status. However, Er Ya was another story. Madame Duan sent a fierce glare towards Er Ya without bothering to be polite.

When Ning Shu saw Madame Duan’s glare, she had no doubt that at this point, Madame Duan wanted to kill Er Ya off somehow. The harmonious mother and daughter-in-law relationship that existed in the original storyline was done for. Ning Shu expressed that she felt very pleased.

Duan Xinghui and Er Ya, and even Madame Duan’s happiness had been established on the existence of the original host.

Ning Shu still found it unbelievable that a princess ultimately ended up like that.

“Princess, why did you do this?” Duan Xinghui’s face was pale and his voice trembled as he asked Ning Shu this.

Why did she do this? Ning Shu sneered, because it makes me happy! When she saw Duan Xinghui’s disbelieving expression as he covered his wound, she said mildly, “This princess was just shaking her whip out a little, yet you actually threw yourself towards this princess’s whip.”

Upon hearing such clear nonsense, Duan Xinghui felt the urge to puke blood. He glared at Ning Shu with a sinister look in his eyes.

Duan Xinghui who no longer had the halo of a general was a very pitiful sight ah. He had a scraggly beard on his face and looked very decadent. There was no trace of the valiance and calm he showed on horseback in the original host’s memories, tsk tsk

When Duan Xinghui saw that the princess was examining him, he felt a surge of embarrassment. He didn’t want the princess to see him like this; he wanted the princess to see his best self. He subconsciously lifted his chest a little.

Ning Shu shifted her gaze away and said to Madame Duan, “Madame Duan, this princess will respect you as a senior and simply say, manage your family members properly. If there’s a second time, this princess won’t be able to guarantee anything.”

Madame Duan looked at Princess Jiahui who seemed like a completely different person for a moment, then lowered her head. She gritted her teeth, then bowed and said, “Many thanks for princess’s willingness to forgive. This common woman promises that there won’t be a next time.”

Madame Duan’s heart felt as if it had been fiercely trampled on. She had lost her husband early and had persevered through the years with hard work while raising her son to be this outstanding. Though she had a tough personality, she was at the same time very intelligent.

However, the Princess Jiahui who she used to be able to control in the palm of her hand was suddenly no longer susceptible to her control and even treated her so discourteously. Madame Duan felt offended.

To put it plainly, Madame Duan had been spoiled rotten by Princess Jiahui in the past. Now she couldn’t accept it whenever Ning Shu acted the slightest bit like a princess.

Madame Duan covered up her emotions as she helped Duan Xinghui up and started walked with him back to the residence. Ning Shu, with sharp eyes, saw Madame Duan fiercely pinch Er Ya’s waist. Er Ya was in so much pain she jumped up, but Duan Xinghui didn’t see it at all.

Ning Shu smiled. Er Ya’s future days probably wouldn’t be pleasant. Madame Duan had plenty of ways to sort people out.

Now that it was his mother versus the woman he loved, would Duan Xinghui treat his mother cold-heartedly like the way he had treated the original host? Whether it was the back of one’s hand or the palm of one’s hand, it was still one’s own flesh. No matter where the stick landed it would hurt ah.

Haha… Ning Shu laughed without a trace of sympathy.

She counted the days, then led a horse out of the stable and prepared to head to the imperial Manor Garden to check on how the sweet potatoes were doing.

This season should be the season for harvesting sweet potatoes. It was just that she didn’t know how they’ve adjusted.

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