QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0140

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Chapter 140: Qualifications to be Naive and Dumb

Su Meng was slightly frightened by Ning Shu’s intimidating stare and couldn’t help but feel that this person compelled respect. Anger then surged up in her heart and she said coldly, “The only way to keep others from finding out is by not committing the act in the first place. You know yourself what bloody atrocities your family has committed. It’s no wonder that not even your child was willing to have you as a mother and left you this way.”

“You lowly wretch that trying to steal another person’s husband! Even the bastard you gave birth to has no conscience. Su Meng, who do you think you are? You’re nothing but a wretch! What right do you have to speak to my daughter this way? Shameless bitch! You climbed onto a man’s bed and even gave birth to the resulting children! If I were you, I would have already jumped off a roof. Your skin is sure unbelievably thick!” Madame Su exploded towards Su Meng.

Su Meng backed away from Madame Su timidly, then lifted her chin. “You people will face retribution sooner or later.”

Ning Shu smiled and said to Su Meng who was obviously only trying to act strong, “What retribution would I face? You’re stealing another person’s husband, destroying another person’s family. Everyone would call you a mistress and the children you gave birth to bastards whose names can’t be entered in residence permits. You should be the one worrying about retribution.”

Ning Shu discovered that Su Meng was actually quite naive. Of course, the female lead had the qualifications to be naive and dumb. There were plenty of men that liked those qualities.

How muddle-headed did Su Meng tend to be? An example:

Chairman Xiao Yan: Woman, you’re stepping on my foot.

Su Meng (flustered): Sorry, sorry, I’m so sorry…

Chairman Xiao Yan: Woman, you’re stepping on my left foot now.

She didn’t know anything and decided on what happened based on pure subjective feeling. Other than the female lead-sama, truly, no one else could be so willful.

In regards to Su Meng’s parents’ death, Ning Shu found out from the storyline that this body’s dad actually did want to kill them. However, they had gone and died on their own before he even acted. Even this body’s father was stunned to hear the news.

He had just decided to kill them when they went and offed themselves.

Following that, the female lead became convinced that it was her uncle’s family that killed her parents. Then there was the fact that the original host’s dad actually had the motives and the intention…

Ning Shu sighed. She had a feeling that the female lead’s parents died solely for the sake of completing Su Meng’s tragic backstory so that she could encounter her prince on a white horse.

Cannon fodder were so pitiful.

When Su Meng heard Ning Shu call her a mistress, she got so angry that tears started whirling in her almond eyes. She said angrily, “I’m not some mistress! Who would like someone like your husband? Even if your husband crawled on the ground to me, there’s no way that I would accept a man that someone else has used before.”

Ning Shu shrugged and looked towards Xiao Yan who was standing next to the door with an ugly expression on his face. She remarked with schadenfreude, “Your true love said that you’re a man that I used before, so she won’t accept you.”

Su Meng turned around and saw that Xiao Yan was standing there. When she saw the cold expression on his face, her heart trembled. She turned around and pointed at Ning Shu angrily. “You purposefully tricked me into saying that!”

Ning Shu expressed that she didn’t need to trick her into saying anything at all.

Xiao Yan looked as if his heart had been stabbed as he walked to Su Meng. Su Meng gave a humph, then turned to leave the room, but Xiao Yan grabbed her arm.

Su Meng tried to struggle free as she shouted, “Go grab your wife’s hand, what are you grabbing me for? I’m telling you, there’s no way I’ll ever fall in love with you!”

“I’m telling you, Su Meng, you belong only to me!” Xiao Yan grabbed Su Meng and pulled her tightly into his arms. Wrapping his arm around her waist, he spoke with an earnest expression, “I’ve said so before, you’re my only wife.”

#comment: Hello? You’re married? Hello? Su Meng’s not the one you married? Bastard that cheats so openly with no sense of guilt should go to hell! Sure you can love another person, but as a decent human being in modern society, love isn’t everything! At least have some basic sense of ethics and respect your wife by not having an damned affair! Properly part ways before pursuing your so-called ‘love!’

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