QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0196

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Chapter 196: Origin of Gene Essence

“You’re pretty strong. Were you born with that strength?” The school doctor uncle adjusted his glasses, then turned to ask Ning Shu this question. His glasses shone with white light in a way that gave off a dangerous feeling.

How should she answer this question? Why did it feel like the school doctor uncle had bad intentions? This uncle loved dissecting people with special capabilities to study them.

Ning Shu replied with a forced grin, “Yeah, I was born like this.”

The school doctor uncle said ‘oh’ in reply then beckoned Ning Shu with his hand. Ning Shu immediately shuffled right up to the school doctor uncle.

“Don’t come get so close,” said the school doctor uncle. Ning Shu curled her lips but complied and took a few steps back. When would this uncle fix his unreasonable personality?

“You have the gene essence. Have you never thought about trying to awaken your special ability?” asked the school doctor.

Ning Shu almost jumped from the shock. When she saw the indifference on the school doctor uncle’s face, she gave up trying to argue and replied honestly while shaking her head, “I don’t want to.”

“Why? All your teammates want to get the gene essence to awaken their special abilities, why don’t you?” The school doctor uncle lifted his brows as he looked at Ning Shu. “You’re scared of turning into a zombie?”

In all honesty, this fifty percent success rate was such a troll. A person would either get instant success and gain special abilities, or become a zombie that did nothing but eat human flesh.

Ning Shu nodded hastily. “I’m afraid of becoming a zombie.”

The school doctor uncle’s face filled with disdain. “You’re scared of trying even with a fifty percent success rate? How weak.”

What use was a trash like you!?

Ning Shu could hear the clear disdain in his voice. However, she expressed that he was welcomed to laugh at her. In any case, she wouldn’t be using it. She still needed this gene essence to complete the task.

“Uncle…” Ning Shu sat down next to the school doctor uncle, then leaned in to ask, “Uncle, say, where did this gene essence come from?”

Ning Shu had been wondering for a while how this gene essence had been created.

The school doctor uncle swept a mild glance over her and said, “If you’re going to talk, just talk. Why are you leaning in so close?”

Tsk, he was so unreasonable. Ning Shu shifted back a little.

She didn’t really expect the school doctor uncle to answer her. After all, he was always so willful and did whatever he wanted.

The school doctor uncle adjusted his glasses, then said, “In reality, all the special abilities contain attributes like the cultivation attributes in folklore. The so-called spirit root is just a high class gene. Psycho had produced this gene essence through experiments on a woman. He had made it by extracting a fragment of the high class gene in her body. The reason why some people failed to activate their powers is because their genes weren’t a good match with the genes in the gene essence, which caused their genes to be messed up and so they turn into monsters. However, some people are able to successfully integrate the gene and activate the high class genes hidden in their bodies.”

Ning Shu: (⊙o⊙)

Uncle, did the people in your family know how crazy you were?

The woman the uncle was talking about was the school campus world’s female lead-sama. The fact that she had encountered such a treatment definitely made her the most pitiful female lead in history. She was now probably dead as a doornail.

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