QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0138

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Chapter 138: Eight-Year-Old Main Male Lead

Su Meng discovered that she was pregnant after she left the country. Since she no longer had any family left, she took this child to be Heaven’s gift and decided to keep the baby.

Following that, she was fortunate enough to give birth to dragon and phoenix twins. Both of these kids were unbelieveably cute, intelligent, obediant, and sensible. They even knew how to earn money and didn’t seem like kids at all. The older brother who was also the eldest child not only took care of his younger sister, from time to time he would even have to look after his cute and slightly slow mom.

Xiao Yan, who wasn’t able to find Su Meng, went along with his parents’ wishes and married the suitable partner that had been picked out for him, which was Su Ran; the Su Ran that was Su Meng’s cousin.

After seven years, Su Meng returned to the country with her two children to go back to her hometown. Due to Su Dabao’s shrewd meddling, Xiao Yan encountered Su Meng.

Xiao Yan recognized her with just one glance. When he saw the two children by her side, his heart started pounder even harder.

Meanwhile, Su Meng already knew that this man was now her cousin-in-law, so she viewed him with even more disdain and contempt. Even if she was a single mother, she still had plenty of suitors and men that stayed silently by her side to protect her.

As for the original host, she naturally felt horrible when she found out that her husband actually had illegitimate children with her cousin, and the children were this big already. She had been married to Xiao Yan for almost five years now, yet they haven’t had a single child.

Due to the fact that their parents’ relationships weren’t good, Su Meng and Su Ran’s relationship was even worse. Moreover, Su Meng was clearly trying to snatch her husband now. Su Meng’s attitude of ‘I have no interest in your husband so keep your husband under control’ only made Su Ran hate her more. Since she had no interest, then why was she always showing up and bantering flirtatiously with him?

However, Xiao Yan was besotted with Su Meng, especially since she had given birth to such an adorable pair of his children. These two children enchanted the entire Xiao family, especially the Xiao family parents. Due to the fact that Su Ran hadn’t given birth to any children even though it had been so many years, the Xiao family parents adored the two children enough to pluck the moon and stars down for them.

A while ago, Su Ran found out that she was two months pregnant and cried tears of joy.

However, not long later, the six-year-old Dabao pushed her down the stairs.

As Su Ran lay in a puddle of her own blood, she heard Dabao say in his mischievous voice that he hadn’t done it on purpose. He said that this aunt wanted to push him so he dodged and the aunt fell down the stairs herself.

And then, Xiao Yan actually said, that’s exactly what should have been done, my son is so smart.

The pain coming from her body couldn’t compare to the pain that filled her heart.

How were these children cute at all? They were simply evil brats who commited unbelievable cruelty in their childhood naivety! How could Dabao with his intelligence not know the consequences of pushing her?

Good at earning money, high intelligence, and an extremely skilled hacker. The main male lead was probably Dabao. He was practically a cheat-like existence.

Ning Shu was thoroughly disgusted by the time she finished receiving the storyline. What kind of world was this? All the ethics were so corrupted. The mistress that gave birth to illegitimate children out of wedlock was actually able to take the position of legal wife and live happily ever after?

She felt that her view of the world was being damaged.

The original host’s wishes: 1. Protect the Su family and prevent the Xiao family from taking over the Su family. 2. Stay married no matter what and make it so that Su Meng will forever be a shameful mistress, and those two malicious children will forever remain lowly illegitimate bastards. Since everyone said that she was malicious, then she’d just act malicious to the very end.

The original host’s personality seemed quite unyielding, since she actually decided to walk all the way into the darkness.

Currently, it had only been a while after Dabao pushed her down the stairs and she had been brought to the hospital. The person who was speaking with the original host’s mother when Ning Shu woke up was Xiao Yan.

He was pretty good looking, but the way he treated his own wife didn’t seem nice at all.

One point that Ning Shu had to celebrate was that now, she wouldn’t have to tumble on the bed with Xiao Yan. Otherwise, she’d probably puke all over his face.

In reality, even if Xiao Yan wanted to tumble, he’d still have to guard his body like it was jade. If he wanted to bang someone, it’d have to be with the female lead-sama, Su Meng.

Su Meng had been very unhappy to hear of Su Ran’s pregnant. The fact that Su Ran was two months pregnant meant that Xiao Yan had actually slept with the malicious Su Ran even after she came back. This made Su Meng feel very disgusted.

It was precisely because of this that Xiao Yan had shown such disgust towards Su Ran earlier in the sick room. His attitude was practically like she deserved this. It seemed like it never occurred to him that the child in Su Ran’s stomach was also his child.

He was as indifferent as could be.

Love was originally a wonderful thing. However, when it was built on the destruction of others, it couldn’t be anything but disgusting.

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