QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0136

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Chapter 136: Landed Straight in the Middle of a…

Ning Shu didn’t even notice it when her soul gradually started to strengthen. Her eyes were relaxed and closed and she seemed to be enjoying the process.

After some time passed, Ning Shu opened her eyes and looked down to check her body. Her soul felt much stronger than before. She decided to make it a goal to gain more experience points and cultivation manuals in order to cultivate more effectively.

“I’m ready to enter the world now,” said Ning Shu.

Right after she said that, she felt the world around her spin.

Fudge! It was like this every time! Would it kill the system to give a warning? She‘d definitely give this system a poor rating!

Perhaps it was because her soul had become a little stronger, but she didn’t feel as sick as before when she regained consciousness. However, her surroundings were noisy when she woke up.

“You’re an adult, what are you bickering with a child for?” said someone coldly.

“Moreover, it’s not like Dabao did it on purpose, so why are you creating such a huge fuss out of it? Su Ran, you should be embarrassed of yourself.”

“Son-in-law, how can you say that? Ran just lost her child, and it was all because of that lowly wretch Su Meng! How can that child be let off after he pushed someone?” A woman’s sorrow-filled voice arose.

The man’s voice now sounded angry. “I don’t want to ever hear anything bad about Su Meng from your mouth.”


As Ning Shu listened to all of this, she struggled to open her eyes.

“Ran, sweetheart, you’re awake?” A woman looked towards Ning Shu with concern and tears in her eyes.

Ning Shu replied ‘en’ and tried moving a little, but a violent pain immediately came from her stomach. It felt as if knives were cutting into her.

Ning Shu was taken aback. What happened this time?

“Don’t move. If you’re not feeling well, you shouldn’t move.” The woman pressed Ning Shu back down.

Ning Shu looked around to size up the surroundings. She could smell disinfectant in the air. From the looks of it, this place was a hospital.

Her gaze paused on the man dressed in a black suit that was standing near the bed. He was tall and had broad shoulders, so the suit enhanced his figure very well,

His expression was cold and his suit was well-ironed. His style seemed very simple and precise while his looks were very handsome and cold. He gave off an aura of tyrannical dominance, as if the world bowed to his command.

He was a very charismatic man, but he was currently looking at her with a very unfriendly gaze that seemed to even contain loathing. It was as if he was looking at an enemy.

Ning Shu blinked confusedly. She hadn’t received the storyline and had no idea what was going on, so she chose to stay silent for now.

When the man saw Ning Shu’s pretentious manner, he gave a cold laugh, then picked his jacket up from the sofa and turned to leave.

The man’s attitude angered the woman who was consoling Ning Shu so much that she trembled with rage as she watched him leave. Then she turned around and looked towards Ning Shu, crying sadly, “My little Ran, my dear daughter ah.”

Ning Shu was really not feeling well right now. Her stomach hurt a lot. It couldn’t be what she was thinking, right?

“I’m tired,” said Ning Shu. Right now, the first thing she had to do was receive the storyline.

“Then just rest, alright? You’re currently in the middle of puerperium, so you can’t worry too much. Think about other stuff after you recover first,” said Madame Su to Ning Shu.

Jesus ah, puerperium? Ning Shu was about to fall apart. It was no wonder her stomach hurt so much, she had just had a miscarriage! She, a young lady that hadn’t even gotten married before, had directly jumped over so many stages to land straight in the middle of a miscarriage and puerperium.

When Madame Su saw that her daughter’s expression was strange, she thought that her daughter was hurt due to the loss of her child and said, “Mom won’t say any more, alright? Just rest.”

Following that, Madame Su wiped away her tears and said, “Mom will head back to simmer some chicken soup for you.”

#comment: Aaah, this arc will be annoying to translate, and probably frustrating to read too. But it’s pretty satisfying to crunch. Quick note on names, Su Ran, Madame Su, and Su Meng share the same surnames. The meng in Su Meng means moe, aka adorable. Da bao means big treasure/big baby.

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