QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0195

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Chapter 195: I’m Not the One That Lost the Gene Essence

Ning Shu felt mixed feelings as she listened to the school doctor uncle spew nonsense with a completely serious expression. As the only one that knew the truth, she really wanted to scream, he freaking is Psycho, how the hell did he kill Psycho!?

By committing suicide?

The school doctor uncle lifted his eyebrows as he looked at Ning Shu. When he saw that she was choking so much her eyes were starting to roll back, he reached out and slapped her back. Then he asked mildly, “That’s a strong reaction. What? You have objections?”

Ning Shu waved her hand and said, “I don’t have any objections.” What objections could she have?

With the school doctor uncle’s cold indifferent face in front of her, she wouldn’t dare to voice objections even if she had them.

“After losing the gene essence, you still have the face to stay here? You sure have thick skin! Could it be that you don’t feel any guilt at all?” Phoenix shouted in irritation, “Countless people have ended up killed and infected because of you!”

Ning Shu: (⊙o⊙)

When Ning Shu heard Phoenix’s accusation, she reflexively glanced towards the school doctor uncle. This sentence should probably be for the school doctor uncle right? The person that created these zombie-like monsters should be the one feeling guilty.

When the school doctor uncle saw that Ning Shu was staring at him, he shrugged and said, “It’s not like I was the one that lost the gene essence, there’s no use looking at me.”

Ning Shu: Pfff

Her understanding of the school doctor uncle has been updated once again. The school doctor uncle no doubt has the thickest skin in the world.

“Daisy, I’m talking to you! Where exactly did you lose the gene essence? Don’t you know how important the gene essence is!?” Phoenix questioned Ning Shu with a dark expression.

Ning Shu rolled her eyes. “I don’t know where I lost it. There were so many zombies back then. It took all my strength just to fend off the zombies, how could I have the presence of mind to care about some gene essence?”

“You should have protected the gene essence even if it costed you your life!” Phoenix critized Ning Shu.

The fuck? This was seriously endless. Ning Shu slapped the table and instantly caused the old table to fall apart. “Phoenix, are you trying to pick a fight with me?”

In the past, although Phoenix disliked her, she would maintain a lofty and elegant manner. However, now, she would pick a fight with her about everything to try and humiliate her.

Ning Shu glanced towards the school doctor uncle who seemed unconcerned. Could it be that the female lead-sama was jealous of how close she was to the uncle?

“Daisy, the reason I don’t argue with you is because I’m taking into consideration the fact that you’re younger. However, what’s with you? Do you think you can be as unreasonable as you like just because there’s someone to support you now?” said Phoenix coldly. She then glanced towards the school doctor uncle with some silent complaints in her eyes.

Daisy didn’t have a good figure or any outstanding looks. Compared to her, Daisy was just an ugly clown. However, why was this man more willing to approach Daisy than her?

When Phoenix’s thoughts arrived here, her expression became even more sulky.

Wolf noticed Phoenix’s expression and his facial color immediately turned dark as he shouted, “What are you guys arguing for? Right now we should be deciding on where to go next rather than bickering over these trifles!”

Phoenix replied, “Without the gene essence, any further plans are useless.”

Wolf glanced at the school doctor uncle with a complicated expression before finally saying, “Since Psycho is already dead and the gene essence has been destroyed, let’s head back.”

Wolf’s meaning was clear: there was no point continuing the mission anymore, they should prepare to head back.

Ning Shu didn’t have any objections. In any case, she had the gene essence, so if they went back, she could hand it to the senior commander and count her task as done. Afterwards, she could just spend her time pondering the meaning of life.

However, she couldn’t let them discover that she wanted to go back, so she stammered, “How can we go back like this without any results? We’ll be punished.”

Phoenix rolled her eyes at Ning Shu. “Who do you think is responsible?”

Definitely not her, Ning Shu silently replied.

In the end, the group unanimously agreed to go back. Since they didn’t get their hands on the gene essence, Wolf and Phoenix weren’t able to awaken their special powers and still had to rely on the nation’s protection. Due to that, the thought of betraying the country didn’t occur to them yet.

The atmosphere sank again. Wolf gave a cold humph and got up to leave. Before he left, he glanced at Ning Shu with annoyance and murderous intent.

Ning Shu scooted closer to the school doctor uncle. The school doctor uncle met Wolf’s gaze coldly. Wolf gave another humph, then turned and left.

“Boot-licker,” sneered Spider.

The school doctor uncle turned around and also jeered at Ning Shu, “For better or for worse, you guys are teammates. Why do you have so little integrity?”

Ning Shu: Ha. Ha. Who knows?

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