QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0188

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Chapter 188: Zero Prospects

From these few words, Ning Shu could sense the school doctor’s endless disdain and ridicule. She silently refuted, not everyone was as twisted as you!  After experiencing two worlds, she had come back to find that this guy had already change the direction of human progress and became the great world-destroying demon king. Meanwhile, she was still a trashy good-for-nothing.

The corners of Ning Shu’s mouth twitched as she silently wiped away the brain matter on her face.

When the people outside were almost exhausted, the school doctor uncle finally opened the car window again, Phoenix dealt with the zombie in front of her and hastily ran over. This time she didn’t pull at the school doctor uncle’s clothes.

Phoenix panted slightly for breath. She was glowing with sweat. Drops of sweat slid down from her neck and over her white chest before flowing into that deep ravine…

Ning Shu had to swallow back her saliva. The school doctor uncle turned around to glance at Ning Shu and said disdainfully, “Zero prospects.”

Ning Shu: (⊙o⊙)

How come couldn’t she understand what part the school uncle doctor was referring to?

“Whatever demands you have, just say it.” Phoenix furrowed her brows, ” We’re already out of bullets, please help us.”

The school doctor uncle asked indifferently: “I can ask anything?” His gaze swept across Phoenix’s face.

Phoenix’s face paled and she glanced toward Wolf. Wolf’s facial color was very bad but he still nodded toward Phoenix.

Phoenix took a deep breath and said, “Anything is fine, so please save us.”

“Alright.” The school uncle doctor nodded, then continued, “Oh, that’s right, my car’s filled with explosives. If I die, I can detonate the car before I die. Also, the windows are bullet-proof so you guys won’t be able leave once you guys enter~”

Enter~ your damn sister ah! Wolf and the rest froze for a second but they still quickly got onto the car.

The school doctor uncle suddenly pulled out a gun from his waist and fired at the head of one of the men in the back. Shock was the last expression on that man’s face.

“What are you doing?”

“What the hell are you doing?”

Phoenix and Wolf both pointed their guns at the school doctor uncle while Spider pointed his gun at Ning Shu. It became a complete standoff.

Ning Shu: It’s not like I killed the person, so why are you pointing it at me?

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