QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0197

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Chapter 197: Another Variant Zombie

They were originally supposed to look for the gene essence, but they had searched for a long time without any success. By now, the group was already a little defeated, so when the school doctor uncle said that Psycho was dead and the gene essence was gone, Wolf’s group immediately decided to head back.

Another important factor in this decision was the fact that they were starting to encounter more and more zombies along with variant zombies. As of now, they had already encountered three variant zombies, and the variant zombies seemed to have the ability to call other zombies.

The group was finding it very difficult to deal with them, so pretty much everyone agreed on the idea of heading back. The only thing Ning Shu couldn’t understand was why the uncle was coming with them. Was he trying to get himself captured?

“Daisy, time to wake up.” The school doctor uncle nudged Ning Shu with his foot. Ning Shu’s eyes instantly opened, then she rubbed her eyes drowsily as she followed him to the car.

Phoenix had wanted to sit in the front passenger seat, but Ning Shu had snatched the spot first, so she glared at Ning Shu before getting into the back.

During the entire ride, Ning Shu felt a chill on the back of her head. It didn’t take brains to figure out that this was Phoenix’s glare.

Ning Shu was now sure that Phoenix had shifted romantic targets and was now targeting the uncle. She had already heard Phoenix and Wolf argue several times. It was all stuff like, are you betraying me? Blah blah blah, then Phoenix would argue, I’m not, blah blah.

Meanwhile, the school doctor uncle, who was the main person involved, remained unperturbed as if it all had nothing to do with him. He just went about doing his own business.

It pissed Wolf off so much he felt the urge to kill the uncle.

Ning Shu naturally didn’t want anything to happen to the uncle. Once something happened to the uncle, she would be next in line. After all, Wolf also glared at her with murderous intent.

The school doctor uncle’s suddenly furrowed his brows, then remarked mildly, “There are zombies again.”

The atmosphere in the car immediately turned tense.

“Fuck, is there any end to this!?” Spider cursed. They had already encountered countless zombies on the way here.

It was to the point they felt like they were the only ones still alive in this world.

They hadn’t seen a single person, so how were these zombies able to survive?

They were almost out of food and they had long since run out of bullets. As of now, Ning Shu was either using an axe to hack at zombies, or a rod to smash their heads.

The only one that had guns was the school doctor uncle, but he showed no indication of sharing. At most he would help a bit when Ning Shu was close to being bitten by a zombie. He showed no trace of concern for the others.

Right after the school doctor uncle said that zombies were coming, they started hearing snarling. Some zombies ran up to try to surround the car.

The school doctor uncle pressed down on the gas pedal with no expression on his face and the car ran straight towards the zombie blocking the way, mercilessly crushing it.

The car shook so much that Ning Shu felt motion sick.


A loud sound came from the roof of the car, then the entire car shook.

Everyone’s expressions turned grim. They had encountered another variant zombie.

Why were there so many variant zombies?

Ning Shu glanced at the school doctor uncle. His face was calm and indifferent, but his lips were tightly pressed together, indicating that he was pretty annoyed right now.

Ning Shu asked, “Uncle, should we get off the car first to deal with the variant zombie?”

“Daisy, if you’re stupid, then don’t speak. There are so many zombies outside, we’ll be surrounded instantly. Moreover, there’s a variant zombie as well. You’re pretty much telling us to all go die,” said Phoenix coldly.

Spider and Wolf also glared at Ning Shu.

Ning Shu knitted her brows as she said, “There’s a variant zombie on the roof right now. What if it breaks the car? If we lose the car, we’ll immediately be torn apart by the zombies.”

Did they really think that she was happy to get off and face the zombies?

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