QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0189

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Chapter 189: Someone As Dumb As You

Ning Shu didn’t understand why the uncle suddenly shot at the guy.  If he didn’t want to save them, why did he let them get on the car?

She really couldn’t understand.

The school doctor uncle put his gun away and said with a frown, “Didn’t you guys notice that he’s been bitten by a zombie? Push him out.”


Phoenix didn’t believe him and started inspecting her dead companion. In the end, she did find an injury left by a zombie on his arm. The flesh around that wound was already starting to turn black.

“Push him out,” repeated the school doctor uncle.

Phoenix gritted her teeth and opened the car door, then kicked the person off before quickly slamming the door shut again. The person that had been kicked out was instantly torn apart by the zombies. The scene was extremely bloody.

Everyone had very complicated expressions on their faces. Ning Shu asked the school doctor uncle, “How did you know that he was injured by a zombie?”

The school doctor uncle glanced at Ning Shu with disdain. “Could it be that you didn’t smell that stench of blood?”

Fudge, she really didn’t smell it.

As expected of an expert in dissection, he was sure sensitive to the smell of blood.

Spider, who had been pointing his gun at Ning Shu, put his gun away and said with a scoff, “Even so, then since Daisy has been splattered by zombie brains, she might be infected as well. We should push her out too.”

Fuck, did this guy have a grudge against her or something?

The school doctor looked at Ning Shu, “You’ve been infected?”

“I haven’t, I haven’t been infected!” Ning Shu hastily waved her hands as she refuted. As a person that has learned the Unsurpassable Martial Arts, she expressed that her health was very good.

“What proof do you have that you haven’t been infected?” Spider smiled snidely, causing his usually mediocre appearance to become sinister.

“Alright, that’s enough, Spider,” said Phoenix. Then she said to the school doctor uncle, ” Thank you for saving us.”

“No need.” The school doctor uncle adjusted his gold-rimmed glasses, causing them to glint with light again. As Ning Shu watched, for some reason she felt like the school doctor uncle was planning something again. It couldn’t be that he’s taken a fancy to the female lead-sama again, right!?

The uncle stepped on the gas and shook off the zombies behind them. A while later, he stopped the car and showed no indication of continuing forward.

“What are you stopping here for?” Wolf disliked this person a lot.  It felt like nothing was going right for him ever since this person showed up.

Even his position as team leader has been threatened.

The school doctor uncle patted at his clothes to get the dust off. He didn’t seem to have heard what Wolf said.

“Hey, what’s with your attitude. I’m talking to you!” Wolf felt the urge to pull out his gun and just shoot this guy.

Ning Shu discovered that the school doctor uncle turned out to be pretty good at pissing people off. She asked as well, “Uncle,  why aren’t we leaving?”

“The zombies can only smell humans that are within two kilometers.” The school doctor uncle finally gave a sentence of explanation.

Ning Shu was practically about to kneel down to the uncle. She asked, “How do you know that?”

“I’ve tested it. I’m always interested in things that are unknown.”  The school doctor uncle turned around and looked at Ning Shu, “I’ve seen someone that was as dumb as you before.”

Ning Shu: …

Ha. Ha… Ning Shu laughed dryly without replying.

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