QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0131

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Chapter 131: Arrow Gone Awry

He Lianying seemed determined to pit himself against Ning Shu. He would come to attack the city every day except when it was raining or snowing. He showed up on time such precision like he was here to practice the eighth set of radio broadcast gymnastics, but the difference was that blood would always flow to form rivers.

>This article has a brief explanation about Radio Broadcast Gymnastics. The eighth set is the most popular set.<

Ning Shu really wanted to curse as she stood on the city wall and looked down at that bastard. Battles costed money and food. Just the amount of rations required for supporting the army for one day was an astonishing figure.

She didn’t know how much longer they’d be able to keep this going. In addition, Grand Marshal Shen Feng didn’t seem to want to persevere anymore. However, if they gave up, all the lives already lost for this goal would have been lost for nothing. Hence, all they could do was continue dragging things on.

Ning Shu got another letter from Li Wen. It was a private letter only for her and his meaning was very clear. He hoped that Ning Shu could win, but more that, he hoped that Ning Shu would stay strong and keep up a firm, uncompromising attitude.

Near the end were some words of concern that made him seem more like an older brother. As for how sincere those words really were, Ning Shu didn’t bother to think deeply about it. As the emperor, his every motion and word had to contain deep meanings.

Today’s weather was very nice. After a day of wind and snow, the ground was blanketed with a thick layer of snow. Originally, Ning Shu thought that He Lianying wouldn’t come to attack the city today because it was difficult to even walk in this type of environment. However, unexpectedly he still came.

The Tartars’ faces contained anxiousness and despair, as if they were at the ends of their ropes.

It was already the middle of winter, yet they still hadn’t reaped any harvest this year. Even He Lianying, who had always seemed unperturbed, was frowning. His expression was cold as he narrowed his eyes and looked towards Ning Shu who was standing next to the flag.

As the bright sunlight shone down on her, it made her armor glint with cold light. It was so dazzling he couldn’t even see her face clearly.

Duan Xinghui was standing by Ning Shu and saw that He Lianying had been staring at Princess Jiahui for a long time. He felt displeased and couldn’t stop himself from saying, “Princess, the Tartars of North Mongolia are all despicable treacherous wolves, so no matter what Princess should not compromise with them.”

Ning Shu felt the urge to dig at her ear. She had heard this same sentence pretty much everyday for the past period of time. It seemed that Duan Xinghui was originally a reticent person so he had always seemed like a cool older brother to Princess Jiahui. However, now he was always nagging her, it was seriously annoying!

He Lianying pursed his lips as he watched the two on the wall. He couldn’t stop himself from grabbing a bow and shooting Duan Xinghui.

It was unknown if it was because today’s wind was a bit strong or what, but the arrow that was clearly headed towards Duan Xinghui ended up veering towards Ning Shu.

Ning Shu: $%@#*

As expected, when you were with the male lead-sama, the one doomed was forever the cannon fodder.

Ning Shu was about to dodge when her body suddenly stopped responding to her. Her soul seemed about to be ejected from the body.

Ning Shu was shocked. What exactly was happening? Why couldn’t she move?

Duan Xinghui saw that the arrow as rushing towards Princess Jiahui, and Princess Jiahui was just standing there as if the thought of dodging hadn’t occurred to her.

His heart instantly filled with fear and he hastily cut the arrow with his sword, but it was no use, the arrowhead continued heading towards Ning Shu and pierced into her shoulder.

Ning Shu gave a muffled groan. She could hear the sound of the arrowhead ripping through her flesh. Immediately after, unbelievable pain hit her.

Oh my fuck it hurts!

“Ding. The counterattack task has been completed. Leave the world? Yes/No.” A cold mechanical voice appeared in Ning Shu’s consciousness.

“Yes, yes, yes…” Ning Shu wanted to leave as soon as possible. It freaking hurt too much. Even if it was for the sake of leaving the world, there was no need to shoot her, right?

The system is trolling me!

Ning Shu’s soul immediately left Princess Jiahui’s body.

#comment: Tada! And the second arc is done! One more arc until we get to the arc that made me fall in love with this story~

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