QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0198

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Chapter 198: Faster Than My Bullet

Boom, boom…

The variant zombie on the roof hammered the car hard. However, the uncle’s car was pretty sturdy so, for the time being, the car was fine.

The uncle stomped on the gas pedal hard and shook off those low-leveled slow-moving zombies before stopping the car. Then he said to the people in the car, “Get off and deal with this zombie.”

They had no choice but to get off the car to fire everything they had towards the zombie on the roof. However, none of it did any damage to the zombie.

Everyone had helpless expressions on their faces since the disparity between them and the enemy was too great. Ning Shu continued trying to fire at the zombie, but it dodged all her bullets.

The fudge? How did something like a variant zombie even come to exist?

The school doctor uncle narrowed his eyes as he aimed his gun at the zombie. However, he didn’t fire, probably because the zombie was way too fast.

Wolf threw away the gun when he ran out of bullets and resorted to using hidden weapons, but it was completely useless. The zombie quickly approached and reached for his heart.

“Wolf…” cried Phoenix.

“Hurry up and shoot!” Wolf dropped to the ground and rolled out of the way to dodge as he shouted at the school doctor uncle.

Spider and Phoenix moved up to help, but the zombie seemed to have set its sights on Wolf. It insisted on killing the male lead first before dealing with anything else.

The school doctor uncle didn’t fire. He kept aim, but didn’t pull the trigger, as if he was waiting for the right opportunity.

The zombie attacked Wolf again. This time, Wolf was a beat too slow and wasn’t able to dodge. Just when it seemed that Wolf would die, a lightning-like light exploded from Wolf’s hand and hit the zombie.

White smoke immediately appeared on the zombie’s body. The variant zombie froze. It was clearly surprised by this as fear seemed to appear on its ash-white face.

Everyone else was stunned as well and stared blankly at Wolf’s hand. Even Wolf was baffled for a minute before wild joy appeared on his face. “This is a special ability, a special power…”

The school doctor uncle took advantage of the moment while the zombie was still stunned to pull the trigger. The zombie’s head immediately exploded.

Although the school doctor uncle had gotten rid of the zombie, Wolf’s heart was filled with rage and he asked angrily, “Why didn’t you shoot earlier?”

Wolf glared at the school doctor uncle. His hands continued to emit crackling lightning. It was clear he wanted to kill the school doctor uncle.

Ning Shu became nervous and hastily said to Wolf, “Uncle has put a lot of thought into this. He was just trying to help you awaken your special abilities through putting you through a desperate situation.”

As expected of the world’s favorite, he actually awakened a lightning type special ability. Lightning abilities dealt the most damage to zombies.

When Wolf heard Ning Shu’s forced explanation, he scoffed, “If it weren’t for the fact that my special ability happened to awaken, I would’ve already been killed by that zombie. There’s no way I’m letting this guy off.”
Ning Shu could tell that Wolf wanted to get revenge now that he was stronger. By doing so, he would also be able to establish a strong reputation in the group.

The lightning in Wolf’s hands crackled. He looked eager to kill the school doctor uncle.

The school doctor uncle lifted his gun and pointed it at Wolf’s forehead. He said with a sneer, “It’s nothing but a newly awakened ability. You wanna test whether you’re faster than my bullet?”

Wolf’s face twitched. He looked at the pitch-black gun muzzle, then at the expressionless school doctor uncle. Finally, he reluctantly dispersed his special ability.

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