QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0169

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Chapter 169: Painful Parting as Dramatic as Bai Suzhen’s Imprisonment

In the end, Xiao Yan was taken away. Of course, it wasn’t before Su Meng and Xiao Yan acted out a painful parting that was so dramatic it was like Bai Suzhen was about to be imprisoned in Thunderpeak Pagoda. It was a deeply moving scene. Su Meng chased after the police car for a very long time before finally collapsing on the street.

Su Dabao and Su Xiaobao covered their faces as they wailed. Su Dabao’s gaze was now filled with sinister hatred as he looked at Ning Shu.

Although Xiao Yan had been arrested, for some reason the two parents of the Xiao family still seemed completely unperturbed and certain that Xiao Yan would be fine.

It gave Ning Shu the misperception that Master Xiao had some trick up his sleeve, but Master Xiao actually turned around and told her to get Xiao Yan back by telling the police that it was just a misunderstanding.

When Ning Shu heard him say this with such a matter-of-fact tone, she couldn’t help but be dumbstruck. He was completely treating the government like they were servants of the Xiao family. Did he really think that the government would release the person based on her words?

Ning Shu paid no attention to Master Xiao and continued dealing with her own matters. Master Xiao became so angry he continuously struck the ground with his walking stick.

Ning Shu felt that this guy was a complete idiot. The bank was about to collect this house. Shouldn’t he be worrying about where he was going to live from now on?

As Ning Shu had expected, not long after Xiao Yan was arrested, the people from the bank came to sequester the house. A paper strip was placed on every single item to indicate that these things no longer belonged to the Xiao family. Even Madame Xiao’s jewelry was taken away.

The little apartment that Xiao Yan had given to Su Meng was also sequestered, so Su Meng moved with her two kids to the apartment Li Xiuwen had arranged for her. Li Xiuwen had even sent servants to look after her.

Su Meng was, of course, extremely grateful. Meanwhile, Master Xiao’s side wasn’t so lucky and they were directly kicked out.

Master and Madame Xiao’s facial colors weren’t good.

The old couple had enjoyed luxurious lives and now had no idea where to go. Ning Shu lifted her suitcase and prepared to leave.

When Madame Xiao saw that Ning Shu was about to leave, she hastily grabbed her and asked, “Where are you going? Are you planning to run right after taking the Xiao family’s money?”

Ning Shu: …

When did she take the Xiao family’s money? Well, if it was referring to the spoils of war Li Xiuwen split with her, it really was the Xiao family’s money.

Madame Xiao naturally didn’t know that her current daughter-in-law had cooperated with someone to make the Xiao family collapse. It was just that she and Master Xiao didn’t know where to go right now, so their best choice was to depend on Ning Shu.

The two ignored Ning Shu’s expression and insisted on following her.

Ning Shu laughed coldly. Ignoring the two, she headed to a small neighborhood. She had bought a house in this neighborhood earlier in preparation for this situation.

Madame Xiao walked into the house, then complained with a disdain, “Why are the rooms so small?”

All the rooms added together couldn’t compare to the kitchen of the villa.

Master Xiao also looked dissatisfied and said to Ning Shu, “You’re having us live in a house like this?”

Ning Shu said simply, “If you guys don’t want to live here, you can leave.” This house wasn’t small, it was over a hundred square meters.

Master and Madame Xiao couldn’t find any other places to live so they could only stay. When it was time for dinner, the two sat down at the dinner table and looked towards Ning Shu.

Ning Shu gave a cold humph. “If you want to eat, move your own hands. There aren’t any servants here to attend to you guys.” Then she picked up her handbag and headed out.

#comment: A hundred square meters converts to about 330 square feet, which is only about a hundred square feet bigger than my college dorm room. For a house that’s tiny, but in Shanghai, the average apartment size of permanent residents are 71 square meters, so Ning Shu isn’t joking. 1076.39 sq ft. Mm, that’s a pretty good size. Ty for pointing it out @Raelyn.

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