QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0168

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Chapter 168: Hadn’t Even Started Being Malicious

This particular early morning, the atmosphere of the Xiao family was conspicuously tense like a taut bowstring. Ning Shu, however, was still eating breakfast leisurely.

Master Xiao was sitting on the sofa. He clutched his walking stick tightly with a very serious expression on his face. When Madame Xiao saw that Ning Shu still had the appetite to eat, she glowered at her.

In just a little while, Xiao Yan walked in with Su Meng and the two kids. The moment he arrived, he asked Master Xiao, “Dad, what happened? Why did the company’s stock suddenly drop so much? It’s fallen all the way to the bottom.”

Master Xiao struck the floor with his walking stick. “A lot of people suddenly started dumping the stocks last night. I thought that we could control it, but now the value has already dropped to the bottom.”

Su Meng didn’t understand business so she just turned towards Ning Shu and rebuked her. “Su Ran, how could you still leisurely eat at a time like this? Aren’t you worried at all?”

Ning Shu glanced at Su Meng indifferently. “Ah, your face is already better? Then stop jabbering in front of me.”

Su Meng immediately covered her face in fear as she continued to glower at Ning Shu.

When Su Dabao saw that his mom was being bullied, he spread out his arms and stood protectively in front of her as he shouted, “You’re not allowed to bully my mommy, you malicious woman!”

Da fudge? What the hell had she done to be called malicious? She hadn’t even started being malicious yet.

Su Meng crouched down to hug Su Dabao. “Mommy’s fine. With you protecting Mommy, no one in the world can hurt Mommy.”

“En. I’ll always protect Mommy.” Su Dabao said resolutely. His face was practically glowing with heroic light as he pointed at Ning Shu, “Don’t you dare hurt my mommy.”

Ning Shu: …

The way they were talking was as if she had done something to Su Meng.

The Xiao family’s company was severely injured and the value of their stocks dropped to rock bottom. A lot of shareholders gathered in front of the company doors to complain and some people even threw manure at the company.

Ning Shu was not surprised when the long-time hegemon collapsed so suddenly. Li Xiuwen wasn’t the only one that wanted to defeat the Xiao family. The Xiao family had many other opponents that all did their part in cutting a chunk of flesh from the Xiao family.

A lot of factors had contributed to this outcome.

As expected, in bloodless battles, substantial reversals occurred rapidly.

The Xiao family completely collapsed. It happened so fast that the Xiao family members didn’t even have the time to react before they went bankrupt.

Master Xiao seemed to aged ten years in a night. In the end, he had no choice but to announce that the Xiao family had gone bankrupt.

Since they went bankrupt, this house now belonged to the bank and they could no longer stay here. It almost caused Master Xiao to vomit blood. After such smooth sailing for so many years, this was the ending they had to face?

The events occurred so fast people couldn’t even process it. Only then did Ning Shu truly realize that the supporting male lead really wasn’t inferior to the male lead. He might even be more amazing that the male lead. After all, he had been able to make the Xiao family go bankrupt without a sound. However, such a talented person ended up falling in love with the female lead and was striving with all his might to become the female lead’s backup husband.

Just as the Xiao family was being tossed about by this situation, the captain came with a team of policemen and arrested Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan struggled violently as he shouted, “What right do you guys have to arrest me!?”

“How could you guys arrest people without reason? Does law still exist?” Master Xiao said coldly. Although the Xiao family’s enterprise had already collapsed, he remained arrogant and continued to look down on the captain.

The captain expressionlessly pulled out a piece of paper and said, “This is an arrest order. Xiao Yan is suspected for attempting to murder his wife. He will be brought in for interrogation.”

Xiao Yan’s body stiffened, then he turned to shout at Ning Shu, “You malicious woman! I won’t let you off!”

Jesus ah. Ning Shu suddenly felt that staying with people like this was seeking out discomfort for herself. She ignored Xiao Yan’s shouts as she said to the captain, “Captain, look, he’s still trying to threaten me.”

The moment Ning Shu said this, several furious glares shot towards her. It included the glares of Su Meng and the rest of the Xiao family.

“Cousin, how could you do this?” Su Meng retreated a few steps with an incredulous expression on her face. “Could it be that you hate Xiao Yan this much? Would you feel better just because you did this? Your actions will just make Xiao Yan hate you more. He won’t ever love you.”

Ning Shu just slapped Su Meng in response. “Shut up, or I’ll rip your tongue out.”

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