QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0183

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Chapter 183: Zombies Also Felt…



The sounds of the zombies’ growling were getting closer, and from the looks of it, there were a lot of them.

Meanwhile, there was still a huge guy in front of them to deal with. They ended up becoming surrounded by zombies.

Ning Shu watched as everyone displayed the full extent of their abilities, but sadly bullets were useless against this zombie since he was seriously too fast.

Ning Shu sensed that the zombie’s gaze was focused on her. It was a sort of naked, animalistic, desire for food.

Fuck! This zombie wanted to eat her!?

More and more zombies started to surround them. The smell of rot was so strong that it made a person want to puke.

Ning Shu shot down a zombie that was about to grab her, then looked towards the zombie that Wolf was currently dealing with. Ning Shu felt that this zombie was being unusually persistent in fighting with them. Could it be that Wolf and Phoenix had provoked it somehow?

Suddenly, Ning Shu felt the hairs on her back rise on end. She felt a chilly breeze behind her and reflexively ducked. Rolling over, she dodged the zombie’s attack by a hair.

Ning Shu shouted towards Phoenix, “Did you take something?”

Phoenix hastily shook her head. “I didn’t.”

Ning Shu sensed that something was off. If she hadn’t taken anything, why were the zombies fighting so hard?

“Everyone, get in the car, get in the car!” The team leader, Wolf, shouted several times, then took the initiative to get into the car first himself. He then shouted towards Phoenix, “Hurry and get in the car. We can’t beat this zombie.”

Ning Shu revolved her inner strength to quickly get into the car, then abruptly slammed the door shut.

Everyone still felt lingering fear. Ning Shu gasped for breath as she looked around. She discovered that they were missing someone. One person was dead.

The storyline had changed. In the original storyline, Daisy was the only one that died. All the others had been fine and all of them had successfully awakened special abilities.

Ning Shu’s intuition told her that Phoenix was hiding something.


A loud sound suddenly came from the top of the car. The variant zombie had gotten on the car roof!

Ning Shu had a very bad feeling. As she listened to the banging coming from the top of the car, she tightened her grip on her gun.

Wolf abruptly braked then accelerated several times to try to shake the zombie off. The car was jolting so much that Ning Shu felt about to vomit, but the zombie on the roof was like a gecko and stayed firmly attached.

Ning Shu turned around to find that there was a face outside the window. An ash-white zombie face.

She stiffly turned back around.

What should they do now? It doesn’t look like this zombie will give up.

The banging sounds from the roof hadn’t stopped. Cracks were already starting to appear on the roof and all the car windows had already broken from the vibrations.

Ning Shu shot at the zombie hand outside the window. The bullet swept past that gray hand without dealing any damage to the zombie.

Blades and bullets were both useless. This was way too messed up. How were they supposed to fight against these things?

“What are you doing? You’re only making it angrier!” Phoenix shouted at Ning Shu.

In this situation, who even cared if it was angry or not?

“Fuck, we’re out of gas,” shouted Wolf. A few moments later, the car stopped.

Then the zombie that had been on the car roof this entire time jumped down and reached for Phoenix’s chest.

Ning Shu: …

Zombies also felt… lust!?

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