QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0111

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Chapter 111: This Prince Fell In Love At First Sight

When Ning Shu saw He Lianying’s complacent expression, she gave a scornful laugh. Was he that certain she would marry him?

Wasn’t he a little too self-confident? For better or for worse, Great Yong was a large nation and Princess Jiahui wasn’t as hated as she was in the original storyline either.

Halfway into the banquet, once the dancers withdrew, He Lianying stood up and walked to the center of the hall.

His movements were filled with self-confident energy, like that possessed by a lunging cheetah. Just his masculine appearance was enough to enchant many women. It was just a shame his core was pitch-black.

When the people present saw He Lianying get up, they knew that the main event was starting. This banquet was actually the banquet that would decide Princess Jiahui’s fate.

He Lianying first glanced at Ning Shu. She was sitting there with an indifferent expression that contained a bit of cynicism. He Lianying suddenly smiled, then cupped his fist towards Li Wen and said, “Your Majesty, Emperor of Great Yong, my nation is willing to have a peace marriage with the Great Yong dynasty and mend our relationships…” He Lianying looked towards Ning Shu. “This prince fell in love with Princess Jiahui at first sight. I like her.”

Ning Shu rolled her eyes. And he even fudging claimed love at first sight? Ning Shu inwardly lifted a middle finger. Like? He probably took a liking to Jiahui’s dowry and vassal land.


Ning Shu didn’t even bother to look at He Lianying and lowered her head to focus on drinking the fruit wine.

Li Wen’s gaze traveled between He Lianying and Ning Shu. His expression became a bit displeased.

He asked mildly, “Jiahui, what do you think?”

“Do you like the second prince of North Mongolia?” Li Wen didn’t even say He Lianying’s name and simply called him the second prince.

Ning Shu stood up and said firmly, “This sister-subject doesn’t like the second prince of North Mongolia.”

Li Wen nodded in satisfaction and said to He Lianying, “Jiahui is our only sister, so we’re naturally unwilling to allow our imperial younger sister to marry into a distant country.”

He Lianying’s expression stiffened for a moment before he looked towards Ning Shu with something resembling a smile. He didn’t try to push this matter. He could tell that it would do no good.

Only now did Ning Shu truly sigh in relief. She had finally escaped the fate of being married off, but the price had been steep. She glanced at He Lianying and just happened to meet his gaze. His eyes were were gloomy and dark.

Ning Shu felt as if a wolf had set its sight on her. She expressed, as if I’m scared of you ah.

Since the peace marriage had not been accepted, they couldn’t have Great Yong pay reparations or obtain a princess’s dowry. Before the North Mongolian delegation left, they turned towards the capital and vowed to make Great Yong pay the price.

He Lianying sat on horseback and lifted his head to look towards Ning Shu who was standing on top of the city gates. She was wearing lightweight equestrian clothing again, and her hair was pulled up in a high ponytail as she looked down at him.

Ning Shu narrowed her eyes as she watched He Lianying. She had a feeling she would see this guy again. They were originally husband and wife, so their involvement probably wouldn’t end just like this.

He Lianying extended his hand towards Ning Shu as if he could touch her despite the distance. Then he lightly kissed his fingers as if kissing Ning Shu.

Following that, he smiled towards her before swinging his whip to turn his horse around and drive it forward.

Ning Shu was creeped out by He Lianying’s gesture and immediately returned to the Princess Residence.

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