QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0180

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Chapter 180: Daisy’s First Mission

Ning Shu didn’t know how long she meditated, but a trace of energy had already appeared in her body. This energy flowed through her body and continuously strengthened it.

She was a bit surprised. She already succeeded in cultivating some energy? When she was being a little princess, it took over a month for her to gain a bit of energy.

When Ning Shu woke up, her stomach was growling loudly, but she had nothing to eat. This feeling was way too familiar. Her body needed a huge amount of energy, which was why she felt like she was starving. Problem was, she didn’t have anything to eat right now.

Ning Shu thickened her skin and asked the aloof woman sitting next to her for two bags of biscuits. As everyone watched her with contempt, she polished off the biscuits.

Suddenly, there was the sound of non-human snarling and a smell of rot filled the air.

“There are zombies, be careful.” The expression of the man driving the car turned serious but he didn’t stop the car. Instead, he pressed on the pedal even harder and knocked the zombies in front of them flying. The car jolted a little as they ran over the zombies and continued going.

Ning Shu looked at the zombies outside the window. They seemed to be making growling noises instinctively. Their bodies were completely gray and some parts were rotten and crawling with maggots. Their eyes looked like balls of lime that were inhumanely pale and gray. Their movements were very slow, but they seemed extremely strong. When one of them hit the window, cracks immediately appeared on the glass.

What kind of monsters were they? They clearly didn’t have any trace of life left in them, but for some reason, some sort of force was still supporting these rotten corpses and allowing them to move. It was so strange ah, goddammit.

The car moved extremely fast and soon threw off those zombies. Ning Shu loosened a breath in relief and the atmosphere inside the car also relaxed.

“Wolf, let’s find a place to rest.” The woman said to the handsome man that was driving the car.

That man grinned towards the woman. “Understood.”

The person called Wolf found an abandoned house. It was very small and simple, but no one said anything.

Ning Shu only had one feeling, which was, she was starving ah~

After eating a little, Wolf started dividing up the night shifts. Probably due to the fact that Ning Shu was just a little girl, he didn’t assign her night duty. The only other person that received this special treatment was that beautiful woman.

Ning Shu finally found a chance to receive the storyline.

This event began when a group of inhuman monsters broke out of a laboratory. These monsters had extraordinary strength and didn’t feel any pain. They showed no signs of life, yet they craved human flesh. In addition, they were infectious. Once a person was caught, if they didn’t end up being torn apart, they’d end up becoming a zombie.

The virus the zombies carried spread rapidly and pretty much caused the human world to collapse.

However, right now Ning Shu felt like falling apart more than that, because the one who created these monsters was the gene scientist known as Psycho. It was the school doctor uncle ah, oh my God!

Uncle, you’re so amazing, did your family know? You freaking changed a perfect and beautiful school campus world into an apocalypse world!

Uncle ah, why don’t you just ascend to the Heavens ah.

This body’s name was Daisy. She was a secret service agent. She had just turned seventeen and this was her first mission ever. This mission was to find this ‘psycho’ and get the gene essence from him. If they succeeded in capturing him, it would be even better.

The gene essence was the stuff that created these zombie creatures, but this gene essence also had a chance of awakening a person’s hidden abilities.

However, the school doctor uncle had already run away with the gene essence a long time ago, so this group’s mission was to find Psycho.

Ning Shu: !!!!!

#comment: Five question marks, now five exclamation marks! XD

I took some liberties with the agent names. Daisy is actually ‘little flower.’ Wolf is actually ‘lone wolf.’

And I was wrong, this wasn’t my favorite arc. The following one is the one that made me feel that Ning Shu has really grown up (from being that innocent hospitalized girl). This arc made me remember this story and read on, because recurring characters in quick transmigration stories hints that there’s a bigger picture and the recurring character might be the male lead? But I love his personality. XDXDXD

Once again, there’s no hint of a male lead for the next 2500+ chps. Not sure if one will ever appear. Not sure if the author will even be able to craft a character that’s an acceptable match for our Ning Shu.

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