QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0139

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Chapter 139:  The Sad Life of the Puerperium Period

And so, Ning Shu started living the sad life of the puerperium period. She couldn’t shower and couldn’t wash her hair. Madame Su didn’t even want to allow Ning Shu to brush her teeth, but Ning Shu seriously couldn’t stand it.

During the entire time she was in the hospital, not a single person from the Xiao family came to visit her. No matter what, wasn’t she currently the Young Madame of the Xiao family? Yet it felt like the original host was completely non-existent to the Xiao family.

Things were already like this, yet the original host still wanted to stay married. Wouldn’t it be better to get divorced and just live their own lives? What was the point of being like this?

If they went on like this, Xiao Yan would definitely scheme to kill her off in order to officially marry Su Meng.

When Ning Shu recalled how the original host ended up, she could only say that those who didn’t do stupid things wouldn’t die. The inevitable fate for those who pit themselves against the male and female leads was a tragic death ah.

Madame Su was very displeased with how the Xiao family neglected her daughter. At the same time, she stayed in the hospital and looked after her daughter without a single word of complaint. Even Ning Shu felt a little moved by this. The original host should really take a look at how much people cared about her. Why insist on wasting her energy on a man that didn’t want her?

Madame Su always looked very distressed when she watched her daughter. She did everything with the utmost care in order to avoid accidently touching on her daughter’s pain from losing her child.

Ning Shu didn’t like the hospital at all. When she was alive, she spent all her days in the hospital, so now she would feel sick whenever she entered one.

Xiao Yan hadn’t visited her even when her puerperium period was about to end. For better or worse, she was his wife, was it alright to be this unconcerned?

The way he acted was as if he couldn’t show that he loved the female lead if he didn’t treat another woman cruelly. It was seriously messed up.

Ning Shu originally thought that she would be able to pass her puerperium period peacefully, but when she was almost ready to leave the hospital, the female lead came to visit.

Su Meng came to visit her!?

Ning Shu lay on the bed as she looked at Su Meng. Su Meng had a petite figure with a head of soft, slightly curly hair. With her round little face, she seemed very delicate and cute, not like the mother of two six-year-old children at all.

Ning Shu rubbed at the boogers in the corner of her eye, then wiped it off on Su Meng’s clothes. Su Meng instantly felt like she was struck by lightning. Her lips twitched as she hastily placed the bouquet next to the bed and distanced herself.

Su Meng didn’t speak, so Ning Shu didn’t speak either.

Meanwhile, Madame Su glared at Su Meng with eyes that were filled with unconcealable loathing. It was clear that she hated this niece to the bone.

Su Meng paid no attention to Madame Su’s glare. Su Meng also knew clearly that though they were relatives, they were also enemies. Her parents had lost their lives due to her uncle’s family. Her parents had never wanted to fight over anything with Uncle, so why wasn’t he willing to spare them though they were family?

Ning Shu lay on the bed and took in Su Meng’s expression changes. For a while there would be bitterness, then there’d be melancholy, then there would be hatred. In any case, her expressions were too complicated to describe with just a few words.

Ning Shu asked, “What did you come here for?”

Su Meng looked towards the woman lying on the bed with a conflicted expression on her face. Finally, she said, “Dabao has already told me about how you fell down the stairs. He didn’t do it on purpose.”

Ning Shu: …

She was here to jab at her sore spot?

Ning Shu pressed her lips together as she looked at Su Meng silently. Su Meng continued, “As for this happening, I’m sorry, but this is retribution.”

Retribution? Ning Shu coughed from choking on her saliva, then gave a cold laugh. “Then why don’t you explain what kind of retribution it is? I would think that the retribution for killing an innocent unborn child is probably greater.”

“I’m sure everyone knows clearly what exactly happened, yet now you’re running over here to talk to me about retribution. This princess… ahem, what retribution?”

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