QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0095

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Chapter 95: Treating Her Princess Residence as a Market

“Mom, don’t worry, this son will be fine.” He slipped away right after he finished speaking. Madame Duan who was lying on the bed wanted to faint again, but she gritted her teeth and said to the maid, “Help me up.”

Madame Duan felt too weak to walk, so she was carried over to the Princess Residence.

“Princess, General Duan is outside asking to meet.” Yuan Dong looked excited as she hastily reported this information to Ning Shu.

Ning Shu rubbed the whip at her waist as she narrowed her eyes at Yuan Dong who looked very excited and happy.

Sensing the princess’s gaze, Yuan Dong’s heart chilled. She carefully picked her words and said, “General Duan has come to see Princess, could it be that Princess isn’t happy?”

“What’s there to be happy about? Who is General Duan? He’s just a general that got dismissed from his post, yet you still dare to call him general?” said Ning Shu coldly. “You seem very happy ah. You’re this happy that Duan Xinghui came?”

Yuan Dong’s face immediately turned white as she said, “This servant is just feeling happy for Princess.”

“Remember your status. Also, this princess has nothing to do with Duan Xinghui. If you try to get this princess involved with Duan Xinghui again, this princess will not spare you,” said Ning Shu coldly. Acting like a princess was coming easier and easier.

Yuan Dong trembled and knelt down to help fix Ning Shu’s skirt in a fawning manner as she said, “This servant knows that Princess is angry right now. Princess is angry at General Duan, no, at Duan Xinghui for bringing a woman back. But Princess should still go see Duan Xinghui. This servant believes that he will definitely give Princess a good explanation.”

Fuck! How come no one listened to what she said!? It’s all ‘cause Princess Jiahui’s love-smitten actions from before left too deep of an impression.

“Princess, Duan Xinghui is waiting outside,” reminded Yuan Dong once again.

Jesus ah! They were seriously treating her Princess Residence as a market. One came, left, then another came. These people thought she was easy to bully, was that it? Could it be that she had to meet with them?

At this time, a ruckus had already broken out at the doors of the Princess Residence. Yuan Dong looked towards Ning Shu and couldn’t stop herself from saying, “Princess, there’s some things that this servant has to say even if this servant must risk her life. General Duan was clearly Princess’s future husband, yet he was snatched away by a random woman that popped out of nowhere. Is Princess truly willing to accept this?”

Ning Shu looked at Yuan Dong coldly. In the original storyline, Yuan Dong had also provoked Princess Jiahui this way and made Jiahui feel unwilling to accept this matter.

“Whether I’m willing or now, what the hell does it have to do with you!?” Ning Shu then sneered. “This princess knows you harbor feelings for Duan Xinghui. Don’t worry, this princess will definitely fulfill you two.”

“Princess…” Yuan Dong’s voice cracked and she fell to the ground. Looking at Ning Shu with shock and fear in her eyes, she grabbed Ning Shu’s skirt and refused to admit it. “Princess, how could this servant possible have feelings for General Duan? This servant was just being concerned for Princess.”

What was the use in trying to deny it? Ning Shu wasn’t going to believe a single word.

As of now, the ruckus at the doors of the Princess Residence get louder and louder. Duan Xinghui’s angry shouts could be heard.

Ning Shu pulled out the whip from her waist and started heading towards the doors. The whip crackled loudly as she swung it.

The moment Ning Shu stepped out, she saw that Duan Xinghui was dressed completely in black and holding a knife as he confronted the bodyguard at the door. He looked as if he was about to forcefully break into the Princess Residence.

What kind of feeling was it when someone with a knife wanted to break into your house? Ning Shu only had one feeling, which was, she wanted to beat this f-ing bastard to death!

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